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There is no "US" without Mary Ann and Marty of A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm. My first fiber order came from their booth at MOFGA's Common Ground Fair after learning to wet felt spring tulips with my dear friend Amy. Our sheep were born at A Wrinkle in Thyme. We've taken part in shearing days at the farm surrounded by community, afternoons skirting wool with friends and family, and mornings learning to hand-spin. Mary Ann and Marty continue to share their wisdom of farming and fiber with all those willing to learn it. With so much joy and gratitude, I get to carry on a piece of their story by creating and offering Thyme Tile Kits at MORMOR.

Mary Ann and Marty have a story of their own... Check it out on their Website where they will continue to sell beautiful creations and host community events and classes. 

Perrywick Homestead Orchard
Macfarlane Family photo by Cait Bourgault Photography


It's about more than selling fiber art supplies. It's about legacy and tradition. It's about people choosing to be together, chatting while we create something with our hands. It's about natural fibers and regenerative farming. It's about women and the stories we carry, the ones passed from our grandmothers and in turn, the ones we create and share with our children. 

Mormor, the Norwegian word for Mother's Mother, helps us bring this sentiment to life as we create beautiful hand-dyed unspun wool from sheep across Maine. 

Morgan Macfarlane

Owner of MORMOR.
Wife, mother and daughter at Perrywick Homestead.

A Mainer. Passionate about handwork, natural fibers, tradition, slow living, biodynamic practices, and community.

Mother Daughter photo by Cait Bourgault Photography
Perrywick Homestead photo by Cait Bourgault Photography

Perrywick Homestead is a biodynamic family homestead in Western Maine. We steward 35.5 acres of beautiful fields and mountains. Each member of our three-generation family crew has a different passion... We come together to make each of our individual and group dreams a reality - from tending sheep to building climbing walls in the barn. 

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